About Sew Me Your Stuff

My name is Laura, and I’m about to be a senior in college studying Marketing & International Business. I took up sewing as a hobby after my mother insisted I try it because clothes that really fit you that you actually like can be pretty hard to find. I’ve been doing it for about a year and am definitely not an expert, but I think it is so much fun that I wanted to share it with others. Along the way I made a lot of mistakes and overestimated myself which was really frustrating, so I wanted a resource for others who are trying to get into it so they don’t get discouraged by their mistakes like I did from time to time! It takes a lot of practice, but if you pace yourself even the practice will be fun!

This blog is just as much me sharing tips to help you get started sewing as a hobby as it will be me improving, learning new things, and sharing it with you. I have a Learnist board you can check out for chronologically ordered tips here, you can follow on Twitter for regular tips and links, and we now have a Pinterest with multiple boards to help you on your sewing journey!

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