Whoa, wait…a new blog post?

You read that right! This is a new blog post!

I know it’s been years. A lot has changed — specifically the quality of laptop I was using. For like three years I was stuck using a cheapy cheap because it’s all I could swing after a coffee-related incident, and blogging just wasn’t that easy to swing.

But some things haven’t changed, like the fact that I still craft!

A while ago I posted a link to my newer blog but I took it down sheepishly when I failed to keep that one updated. I love that this one still gets traffic because I hope that you’re all finding the content really helpful! I hope it stays up as long as there’s an internet.

But I’m going to resurrect my other blog, Paroxa Designs.

Why not just keep blogging here?

Well with my faster paced life these days most of my crafting is in the form of knitting or other activities because sewing can be a real drain on space and resources. So I’m going to keep this one all sewing all the time and direct you over to my new blog for updates. See you there!