How to Sew a Whip Stitch by Hand – YouTube

Disclaimer: Not my video! Borrowed from YouTube user cyberseams. Once I get back to the States in August I’ll start sharing original videos.

This is a stitch that will come in handy much later when you’re finishing garments and sewing the hem in place.

The fabric in this video was prepared by being folded, pressed, and pinned in place.

First, choose a uniform length to fold the fabric along the end, for example 2 inches. Use a ruler to guide you as you fold up exactly 2 inches of fabric.

Use your iron and ironing board to press the fabric in place. Pressing is simply holding the iron over a particular spot for a few seconds to set a fold in the fabric. You know you’ve successfully pressed the fold when the fabric stays folded and creased after you remove the iron and your hands.

Next, pin the edge of the fabric in place to keep the stitches even. The pins in this video are very basic tailoring pins that can be bought in any craft store by the hundreds.

Follow the technique in the video. Note that though the thread does a full loop around the free end of the fabric, when pushing the needle through the bottom layer you should only catch one thread in the fabric to keep the stitch invisible on the other side. If you look closely at the bottom of your pants and skirts and some dresses, you will faintly see where the hem is attached from the inside using just this stitch.

This stitch will come in very handy later, so practice it well! – Learn how to sew starting from step one
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