How to Sew a Straight Stitch by Hand – YouTube

Disclaimer: Not my video! Borrowed from YouTube user cyberseams. Once I get back to the States in August I’ll start sharing original videos.

The stitch in this video may seem incredibly easy, but it’s a great one to learn first to get acquainted with sewing and handling a needle.

First get some scrap fabric and fold it into two layers.

Thread your needle either by using a threader or simply by pushing the end of the thread through the eye (not as hard as it may sound!)

To keep the thread in place, I simply make a very small stitch at the beginning and tie the loose end and the needle end of the thread into a square knot.

Follow the technique in the video.

At the end of the stitch, watch this video for a technique for tying off the end of the thread.

And voila, you have sewn two pieces of fabric together! – Learn how to sew starting from step one
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