Hello everyone!

My name is Laura, and welcome to my blog!

I wanted to make a welcome video, but my voice isn’t pleasant to hear right now so I’ll just have to write it out.

This blog is going to be all about learning to sew starting from the basics and building to making your own clothes. I started sewing about a year ago by diving in headfirst, and I made a lot of rookie mistakes which wasted a lot of material. Here we’re going to start with the absolute basics and build upwards.

But first, why sew? Here are the reasons I decided to take up sewing:

  • Shopping for clothes can be excessively difficult. I feel like it’s impossible to find clothes that fit me just right, and if I do they’re not a style I like, so I usually leave the mall empty-handed and unhappy. Once you get the techniques down, you can start making the clothes you like to fit you personally.
  • You can learn to alter the clothes you buy. Professional tailors can be pretty expensive, but some basic altering techniques can go a long way in saving you money and frustration.
  • Stress relief! When you’re comfortable sitting at a sewing machine and basically know what you’re doing, sewing can be a great hobby to let you forget about your stresses and just have fun.
  • It’s a creative outlet. You can learn to make whatever you want whether it’s clothes, home decorations, accessories, etc. so you can express yourself and explore your creativity. One thing I love about sewing is that pretty much anyone can find something fun to make.

But those are just the beginning! So where do you start?

The very first materials you should buy are some basic needles and thread. Right now start with the cheapest you can find, because what’s important when you start is learning the technique and getting to know how it feels to shove thread through fabric, not making it look good. Once you find those, a good place to find inexpensive fabric is the remnant rack in any fabric store or craft store that sells fabric. There you’ll find fabrics that are less than a yard long, so the store sells them at half price.

I’ll share some videos that show basic sewing techniques that you should master before you go any further to save materials and to save yourself from a lot of headaches in the future!

I do want to disclose that I’m absolutely not an expert. I’ve been sewing as a hobby for about a year, but all those rookie mistakes I mentioned kept setting me back. So this blog will be just as much me sharing my past experiences as it will be me improving and learning new things too. Right now I’m in Shanghai, halfway around the world from my sewing machine in the USA, so it will be about three weeks before I can start sharing my own videos. Until then I’ll be posting basic beginner’s tips to get you started.

Thanks for joining me!

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